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Jaguar Leaping Cat Motorcycle Takes to the Streets

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Happen to be a Jaguar lover with a hankering for unique motorcycles? If not, we can't imagine that you'd want to ride around on a massive Leaping Cat sculpture that's capable of hitting speeds of 50 miles per hour, but that hasn't stopped Massow Concept Motorcycles from creating just such a beast. Called the NightShadow, the foundation of the motorcycle is an air-cooled Buell S3's 1200cc V-twin powerplant.

It does appear to be an odd-looking riding position, don't you think? In any case, if Jaguar just isn't your cup of tea, Massow has designed a bunch of other concepts that take well-known logos and turns them into something resembling a motorcycle. Check a few of them out in our gallery below and click past the break to see the Jaguar Leaper motorcycle in action.
  • Maart 18 2010 at 05:15 pm

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